The clock on the wall

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The clock on the wall

There is a clock on the wall in my bedroom.  I see it as the first thing as soon as I open my eyes.  The message, I dicern from
it, is reflected in the following poem.


Early in the morning when I open my eyes

    The clock on the wall catches my sight

Non stop it goes on ticking

    Journeying as if on some mission


Unmindful of the things around

    Its hands continue moving round and round

At regular intervals it strikes a gong

    As if announcing its success with a bang


Fascinated I continue to gaze

    At this wonderful machine a little amazed

At the message it leaves for every one

    That not to view it as a fun


And deep in my mind I do realise

    That like it we can also regulate our lives

Setting for ourselves definite goals

    Go to achieve them with efforts whole


Crossing milestone after milestone on road to our aims

    Without playing any diversionary games

Oblivious to the setbacks and hidden snags

    Not allow our spirit to sag


Till we attain what we are set to achieve

    And thus making the whole world believe

That earnest efforts never go waste

    Bringing you the fruits of success to taste


Ved Mahajan