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catering social, welfare and cultural needs of seniors of Indian cultural background

Indian Senior’s Project

    Proposal is to explore the India-Australia Interaction.   During the time of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam a book was published called “The World and South East Asia” and he wrote the foreword for that. This was published with the cooperation of many nations.  It begins with a quote by Will Durant, the philosopher,…
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Who We Are?

  The Indian Senior Citizens Association was established in 1995 and was incorporated in March 1998. ISCA meets on regular basis with fortnightly Seniors WALK and TALK. Talks provided by specialists in health education ageing with grace, it provides advice on how to access Govt. resources, combat social isolation and access to residential care. Two…
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Our Objectives

  Recognising the cultural differences and demands, Indian Senior Citizens Association was formed in 1995 to cater the social, welfare and cultural needs of aged persons of Indian cultural background.            *  to facilitate the provision of welfare and social services for aged persons          *  to act as spokesperson on behalf of aged persons…
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