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ISCA Registration 2013

ISCA Registration

Lions Club Certificate

Lions Club Certificate


Carers Circle

Timeline: India-Australia Interface

BACKGROUND   “Until quite recently,” write Thorn and Raymond “the true dimension of these [of Homo sapiens – the modern man of Asia] achievements were barely appreciated.  The domination of Western culture and technology in human affairs over the past 500 years had one insidious side effect – it lulled the Western mind into an…
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ISCA Executive Committee

 Executive Committee 2012-13   President            :  Shri Subhash JalotaVice President     :  Shri Kanti JinnaSecretary            :  Smt Jyoti JalotaTreasurer            :  Smt Malti Jain Executive Members:Shri Harish JoshiShri Inder KhianiDr Krish BoyapatiSmt Dorothy ManochaShri Suresh Bhandari  

Shri Sankar Chatterjee

I left my homeland to work in Australia I was born in Calcutta in 1938. My name is Sankar Kumar Chatterjee – son of Radharaman and Pankajbala Chatterjee. On September 3, 1964 I got up about 5am to catch a plane from Dum Dum Airport in Calcutta. I remember my nephew Deb Kumar came straight…
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History of Indian Ships

By Shibu Dutta   In India, I think, there is not much attention given to water transport before Indus Valley era.  And even after that not much is known about any sea-venture in early periods.  One Japanese professor, while giving a talk on present politics of India said that India was, and still is, the…
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